Updated Armonia Episode 4 and Recruit Berthe & Charles quest guides. ☆ Download New UI Skin - Armonia Theme (v1.2) (v24.51.69).

Imperial Wheel S 107 has been updated for May 22-27, 2015. The key features are:

  • Bane Character Card - also available in 期間限定特別イベント「愛と炎」 event.
  • Abyss Fire Bracelet (AR37) + Strata Devil Armor (Fighter)
  • R-Ultimate Stance Book + Rings
  • Tyrant Earrings
  • Vigilar Armor (Fighter)
  • Marine Look Costumes for Lorraine & Dolores
R-Ultimate is a new unique rifle stance for musketeer (Japan only). See 5/20 アップデート情報 for details.

Bryan and Divine Hammer Bryan are voiced by Han Megumi (潘めぐみ), who performed in Hunter x Hunter (Gon Freecss), Ore Monogatari!! (Yamato Rinko), Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (Jeanne d'Arc), and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (Sayla Mass).

Bane is voiced by Nishida Masakazu (西田 雅一), who performed in Gunslinger Stratos (Kyouma), Log Horizon (Ein), and Gundam Build Fighters Try (Shimon).

The latest sound effects file for this version has been uploaded as se_jap_20150520.zip. This file includes Japanese voices for Bryan, Divine Hammer Bryan, and Bane.


Talk to Event NPC in Reboldoeux for basic set of rewards. Complete various scenario quests to gain event tokens, which can be traded for the following items:

There is also a play-time event (3 hours = 1 point) for various new School Look costumes (30 points) and weapon costumes (20 points). Meanwhile, American server is having the "poor cousin" of the same event - Charles' Fab Time F/W Event with only old costumes and hairs.

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Imperial Wheel S 106 (Japan) has been updated for May 05-20, 2015.

Tyrant Belt
DEF 10 • DEF Rating +1, All Stats +3, Immunity +15

Tyrant Gloves
DEF 15 • Penetration +10

Pet Box (Tary Dog)
Drop Rate +70%, ATK +10%, HP Absorb 5%

Abyss Pistol
Pistol • ATK Rating 37 • ATK 292
Penetration +10, Immunity -5, Accuracy +10, ATK vs. All Races +20%

Vigilar Robe/Plate
DEF Rating 34 • DEF 190/250
Max HP +5000, Immunity +10

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.41.50. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

See also the new preview site for the next update after Armonia - 새 시대의 인도자 (Leaders of the New Age) Episode 1 .

Recruit the specified characters during event period for various event reward, such as Blue Rose Wings (7 Days), Hair/Costume Exchange Coupon, Recruitment Character Chest, and Cursed Weapon Costume Coupon.

In European server, the costume coupons can be traded for the following items from event shop. All of them cannot be traded.

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This mission was added in v22.98.87 for Armonia Episode 4 update. The featured loot are Red Armonium Ore, Abyss Pieces, and Recipe - Armonia Earrings.

This guide is based on American game client (v23.41.50).

Taiwan servers have updated to Armonia Final Episode (v23.97.53). Their last update was 3½ months ago, combining Episodes 3+4. So basically, T3Fun's American server is lagging behind everybody else, except for Thai servers.

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This mission was revised in v23.13.92 . For an earlier version of this raid mission, see Knight of Chaos (v22.43.79) instead. Unlike the previous version, there is no easy mode. The featured loot of this mission are Red Armonium Ore, Abyss Pieces, and Recipe - Armonia Gloves.

This guide is based on American game client (v23.41.50).

This mission was revised in v23.07.18 . For an earlier version of this raid mission, see Dark Priest (v22.43.79) instead. The featured loot are Red Armonium Ore and Recipe - Armonia Belt.

This guide is based on American game client (v23.41.50). The number next to the family name in the mission waiting room indicates the highest character level of the current team.

T3Fun has updated American server to Armonia Episode 4 (v23.41.50). See quest guides for Armonia Episode 4 scenario and Recruit Berthe & Charles. The last update was 5 freaking months ago - Nov 26, 2014. Also, Vigilar Weapons have been added to the client, so they should be coming soon to Lucky Shop and/or Lyndon Box.

Charles' Fab Time F/W Event Apr 29 - Jun 10, 2015
There is a play-time event for costumes... but most of them are already available from Dressing Room. They should have put costumes which cannot be purchased instead. You get 1 point for spending 3 hours in-game. A costume costs 30 points, while a hair/hat costs 20 points.

The file se_usa_20150429.zip includes (mostly) English voices for Cadet Leonele, Elizabeth, Snow Montoro, Lorraine, Dolores, Berthe, Bryan, and Divine Hammer Bryan.

The file se_eu_20150428.zip includes Korean voices for Lorraine, Dolores, Bryan, and Divine Hammer Bryan.


Some time ago, GM tried to sell Santo de Blanc (Scout) armor and recipe via a forum "event" - Tools of the Trade (Jan 30, 2015) . Bet T3Fun was disappointed that nobody wants to buy it for the obscene price...

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