[N.America] Armonia Episode 2 in Sep 2014. ☆ Updated Infinite Challenge roulette tables for v22.19.56.

Added UI Skin - Art Nouveau for v22.18.56, which should be usable for Armonia Episode 2.

See UI SKINS page for download links.

Under Revised Faction System, the faster the mission is cleared, the more faction activity points are awarded.

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for 9/10-9/16, 2014. The loot features Armonia Weapons and Vigilar Controller.

Vigilar Shotgun is also available in Taiwan server's web game this month. Other reward includes Little Witch's Broom (AR35), Elite Le Noir, Dazzling Spodumene/Obsidian, etc.

DelKreuz has released a character database mobile application for Android. You can check the latest update at OverBleed Database . You can discuss it at GE Characters Android App forum topic.

I'm now proud to announce I'm releasing the application to be visible to everybody on the Google Play Store !

You can download it here :

It is now updated to the very last version of Granado Espada SEA.
As usual if you find a bug or anything, just ask me !

EDIT : As some people can’t access Google Market (didn’t know it was banned in some countries) here is a direct link to the .apk (not recommended, as you will have to update it manually): com.lectem.gecharacters.latest.apk

The application has been updated to version 1.3.1 :
-Moved the search form to the action bar
-Added server selection support (through settings)
-Added GE online support and updated to v22.19.56 (09/03/2014)
-Fixed crash at startup on HD large devices ?

sGE update will wait next maintenance to see if IAHGames will translate Cecile or not.

Added new UI Skin - Ao. This skin was originally created by VanHouten_Cocoa , now updated for v22.19.56 (usable up to Armonia Episode 2 update).

See UI SKINS PAGE for download links.

EuroGamez has updated European server to Armonia Episode 2 (v22.43.79). See Patch Notes page for more information on upcoming versions. See quest guides - Armonia Episode 2 and Recruit Laura.

I overlooked this update earlier in the week since they never update the index page of their website regarding the new patch... I only saw the part about Lyndon Box and Cruise's Event. In other news, I just found out that Hello Kitty is not a cat! See Sanrio Reveals That Hello Kitty is Not a Cat and While Hello Kitty Isn't A Cat, She Isn't Not A Cat, Either (WTF?!).

Image from Hello Cthulhu web comic.

See also Natalie's Summer Event.

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Lyndon Box - Blue Flame Ludin
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DPS Battle - Ludin VS. Blue Flame Ludin! The following is based on v22.19.56 game client.

The following patch notes are translated from Korean live servers. American server is currently at v22.19.56.

IAHGames has finally updated Singapore servers to Armonia Episode 1 (v21.84.39).

The following fan blogs are removed from the sidebar due to RSS inactivity for more than 6 months...

Talk to Jane (Event NPC) in Reboldoeux (G3). Collect Memory Piece (event item) by killing monsters, and give the specified amount to Jane. Jane will ask you to listen to a character sound clip. If you identify the character correctly, you get Gold Token 1st Grade, otherwise you get Gold Token 2nd Grade.

You can exchange the event tokens for the following rewards. Costumes are subject to change by local servers.
  • Mary's Summer Costume/Hair - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2)
  • Cherlyn's Summer Costume - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2)
  • J.D's Cape Pattern Costume/Hair - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2)
  • Grandies' [???] Costume/Hair - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2)
  • Recruitment Character Card Box - Gold Token 1st Grade (x6)
  • Training Card B (Event) (x5) - Gold Token 1st Grade (x1)
  • Medal of Honor G (x5) - Gold Token 1st Grade (x1) 
  • Gold Taken 1st Class (x1) - Gold Token 2nd Grade (x2)
Note: You must enable character sound in Options window (Alt + O) to hear the sound clip. You can only do this event up to 10 times.

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Jane Christie's Event 8/27-9/10, 2014

Ramiel's Gift Box
T3Fun also added Ramiel's Gift Box to Cash Shop for 40,000 T-Coins. (For comparison, 1 Growth Stone costs 750 T-Coins.) The box drops a random premium character card. See forum topic here for discussion.

Lyndon Box - Jane
WAYI has added Jane Card and Sierra's Summer Costume Set to Lyndon Box this month.