Download New UI Skin - Armonia Theme (v1.1) for v24.51.69 or earlier game client.

So not only did T3Fun fail to update their game after 4-5 months of nothing, their server is failing too... Map loading is messed up too frequently, making mission re-entry after disconnection difficult. This déjà vu reminds one of GamersFirst (G1) towards the end - lack of updates, lack of communication, and failing server. Whine about it in Fix your servers T3! forum topic.

Actually, maps like Armonia Apostadero are still accessible. You cannot warp directly there, however. For example, to reach Apostadero, you must warp to either Armonia Cathedral or Armonia City, then move to Apostadero via NPC.

When you warp to the city or cathedral, the map may be bugged (like the above screenshot). To rectify this, you can simply warp again to the same map (i.e. city or cathedral). You should then be able to move about normally. This does not work for mission re-entry however.

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v22.80.01 after 4.5 months of nothing. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

See also 武器製作回顧、每日副本追加及雜項追加資料 .

This sub-quest was added in v24.47.17 . Alejandro is horny, and wants to bone Vera... You will need the following items, which can be acquired from Ustiur Farm mission.
  • Golden Apple x5
  • Cockatrice Egg x20
  • Capybara Food x50

Recruit Bryan quests were added in v24.42.25 . The following is translated from FatSnake's guide. I will update this post once I have verified and completed the quest myself. You will need the following items:

  • Holy Water of Armonia x20
  • Growth Stone x5 (optional)
You must also have Idge and Claude to initiate some quest dialogues.

Added and updated UI Skin - Vampiric for v23.63.43 (Armonia Final Episode).

I'm looking for shopui.bmp file from European game client. You can use IPF Extractor to extract it from ui.ipf file inside ge folder. You can then upload it to an image host, such as Imgur . Thanks.

See UI SKINS page for setup instructions and more skins.


Easter Event has been recycled yet again for 2015... same as Easter 2014 and Easter 2012. Collect 50 Eggs from any monster, buy dyes from NPC, then give to NPC for reward.

Europe server is also selling Divino Pet Package in Cash Shop.

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IAHGames added a new event... and didn't bother to include a list of reward in their post. Complete any Bounty Hunter's Guild mission (except for Demonic Sphinx, Minotauros, and Medusa) and get 1-3 Hunting Event Tokens from Event NPC. You can then trade them for various items in Bounty Hunter's Guild.

This seems somewhat similar to American server's Bounty Hunter's Guild Event in 2013, where you need to complete 500 missions for Cadet Elisa Character Card.

American server also added the same event, but with different prizes... To get Heavy Stinger book, you should earn an average of 28.6 tokens per day for 28 days.

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Imperial Wheel S #101 has been updated for 3/25-4/01, 2015, featuring new Anise's costume set, Lorraine & Dolores, Abyss/Armonia weapon sets for Lorraine/Dolores, and Vigilar Robe.

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v22.80.01 after nearly 4 months of nothing. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

In my opinion, the new Enchantment Tranquilizers are still too expensive. Constellation Weapon (AR33) uses Veteran Chip, while Elite Le Noir (DR32) uses Lv.100 Chip. Neither Veteran nor Lv.100 Chip is worth 540,000 Vis... Might as well just throw more chips at the item without using tranquilizer at all. The same with the ones in Feso.

This is the typical problem with the changes by IMC. They changed a system (e.g. Enchantment Separation) or added a new item, then set the cost so high that the item or system is not even worth using... Otherwise, they added a new raid mission or quest, but the rewards are so bad or drop rate so low that it is barely worth the time. (They even changed the game client files so they can hide the drop rates from players...) All these just keep making their changes redundant. The root of the problem is their design philosophy and the stingy-mindedness of the developers...

Japan servers have added Lorraine and Dolores. Their personal skills have also been customized to grant ATK Rating +3 in addition to the standard buffs. See イノリーの双子魔術師 アップデート情報 for details.

Both characters can be acquired via:

The more expensive package (3,800 HC) includes Lorraine Character Card, 2 stance rings, and 2 random weapon boxes among other cash items. The random weapon box drops one Aristocrat, Tyrant, Elite Bristia, or Armonia Weapon.

The latest sound effects file for this version has been uploaded as This file includes Japanese voices for Van, Dolores, and Lorraine.


 Lorraine and Dolores are voiced by Yuka Iguchi (井口裕香), who performed in A Certain Magical Index (Index), Bakemonogatari (Tsukihi), Fairy Tail (Chelia), Kantai Collection (Kaga), and Kara no Kyoukai (Seo Shizune).

Van is voiced by Nakamura Yuichi (中村悠一), who performed in Fairy Tail (Gray), Clannad (Okazaki Tomoya), Macross Frontier (Saotome Alto), The Irregular At Magic High School (Shiba Tatsuya), and Owari no Seraph (Ichinose Guren).